Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jobs, Babies, and Life

We are on a little break from nannying right now. My sister in law, Nicolette, had her baby on November 1st. Cute little Gabrielle was 6 pounds 15 ounces and ony 18 inches long. A perfect healthy little girl. Nicolette is on maternity leave until December 18th when we will go back to babysitting her now three kids. If you want to see a picture of Gaby, go to her dad's MySpace profile which is and take a look in his picture section. She's pretty dang cute.

Since I'm not nannying right now I got a job at Applebee's doing Carside To Go. Joshua works there as a server and has since July. I will probably continue working both jobs for as long as I can because, heck, I like the money!

The reason I would stop working at Applebee's is because we have a baby due on June 5th. We'll decide then if we can afford to have me not work at Applebee's anymore so I can be with our child all day. If not, I guess I'll have to find a babysitter for nights...maybe my mom or a sister of mine? We'll see. It's not coming up too soon.

We still live in my grandparents' house. They get home in March or April so we want to be moved out and have the house back to normal by then. We're hoping to move out in January. Don't know where yet, but somewhere. We also need furniture! We have offers for a couple of TVs, an entertainment center, and a love seat. Oh good, we can watch TV in comfort. Anything else would be greatly appreciated! (used of course)

Hmm...what else? Beth only has a month until she leaves for the MTC to learn Swedish. I spent an awesome weekend in Vegas last week with my VFriends. Yes, I met them on MySpace...terrible, I know. haha!

I think that's about it for right now...more later!