Monday, March 23, 2009

Things Mike learned this weekend

I was at work pretty much all day both Saturday and Sunday. These are the things Mike learned while I was away:

- He now says Daddy, where before he just said Dad. (more like Da) He has recently done this with Mommy/Mom, too.

- New word: Puppy. Clear as day.

- He can open his bedroom door from the inside. I guess I need to childproof if I want to keep him in there at nap time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Las Vegas?

Joshua and I need a vacation. Our last vacation was one night in Wendover for my birthday over a year ago. As a server, you don't get paid to go on vacation, and Joshua doesn't have enough vacation hours at his day job to go anywhere big. So...we're going to be huge copy cats and do what Nicolette and Jeremy did this last weekend - a weekend in Vegas. We'll probably leave Mike with family and take off as soon as Joshua gets off work on a Friday, then come home Sunday afternoon/evening.

So...I need suggestions and tips. Especially from those of you who live there. Best hotels, best places to eat, etc. (on a budget of course!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Anonymous Commenter

"Just finish school." Is the worst advice I've ever heard. Easier said than done. I know the best solution would be to finish school. Duh. I'm looking for advice on how to do it.

You don't go to school to get brains. You go to school to get a piece of paper that says you're worth more than someone else. I have brains.

I guarantee that every hug and kiss I get from my son means more to me than that piece of paper that means so much to the rest of the world. I hope you're blog hopping. If I've ever met you in person, please let me know so I will never let you near my child.

Being a MOTHER is the most important thing I could ever be. If that means a college degree is the only way my husband and I can provide a nice home for our son all have all three of us be home at the same time more than a few hours a week, then that's what I'll do. I just wish I didn't have to.


School is not going so well. It should be going well. Considering school, mine is really easy!

A few reasons why it's not going well:

1. Joshua isn't home anymore to take care of Mike while I listen to my class. The nights he is home we want to be doing things together!
2. Classes are BORING. I have a really hard time focusing, even when I don't have Mike with me.
3. I live 45 minutes away from campus, and books are only available to be picked up on weekdays before noon. I'm almost halfway through my current classes and haven't done anything because both classes require books. Books I don't have because I haven't had a car and when I have had a car, I haven't gotten myself and child up, ready, and out the door before 11 am. (Haven't tried very hard either)
4. The biggest problem, which goes along with the others: I'm just not motivated anymore!

As much as I hate quitting, I would really just like to. The reasons I haven't yet:

1. I would have to give back my laptop.
2. I would have to pay back my loans without anything to show for it. (like a degree)
3. The classes I've taken in the last year don't transfer to any other school.

Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to worry about getting a good job? Can't I just stay at home with my son (and future children) and NOT work?

I have less than a year left. I just need to get it done and behind me, but I don't want to!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone with dogs?

The two dogs have been getting along great, for the most part. This evening Dom has started playing a little too rough with Hayley. Probably because he was wanting to go to sleep, but didn't want her stealing any of his areas. So, for Hayley's safety, we separated them for the night. Dom is blocked into the family room, as usual, and Hayley is in a kennel in the front room. Now they're both barking. Are we going to get any sleep tonight?

(PS Hayley came with the name Haylee from the shelter. I changed the spelling to be like the lead singer, Hayley Williams, from the awesome band Paramore. They are coming to Utah with No Doubt, who is back together - obviously, in May. Hopefully I am going to that concert!)

It's official, I've gone crazy.

We felt bad for Dom. He accidentally killed his friend. So...when I was at the shelter today to pick him up, I asked if there was a friend there for him that he wouldn't hurt. They suggested this little girl. I thought she was cute, so we adopted her! She is a 6 month old Staffordshire Terrior. She looks small (compared to this bear we call our puppy), but she can hold her own! She can pin Dom to the ground whenever she feels like it. He is loving it! I'm happy to have Dom back, happy to see him exhausted, and happy to have another female in the house!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good news and bad news

The good news is the Animal Shelter called Joshua's cell and left a message saying we could come pick Dom up today, if we had proof of his shots. (which we do) So much for the 10 days, it's been two.

The bad news is that we have one car in the shop (and it's going to cost A LOT to fix) which meant I didn't have a car to go pick him up. They close at 5:00, which is when Joshua gets off work. :(

I guess I'm driving Joshua to work early tomorrow morning so that I can have a car to go pick up our poor puppy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doggy Jail

You can imagine how alarming it was for me to get a ride home from work and have to point out my house by saying, "It's the one with the cop car in front of it..."

I've posted before about our dog and the neighbor's chicken. The chicken liked to come play, they were friends. She even started laying her eggs in our front yard. We'd talked to the neighbors about it a few times. They were planning in the near future to put a cover on the chicken coop, and were even looking at them today. I guess tonight Dominator played a little too rough. Joshua went outside to feed the dog and was disgusted to find a dead chicken in our back yard. So...the neighbors and authorities were notified, the dead chicken removed from our backyard, statements taken, and our poor dog put in the back of the police car. He has to go to doggy jail for 10 days, to be observed, then hopefully he gets to come home. They said we could visit him, and they let him take some of his toys.

Luckily, there's no hard feelings between us and the neighbors, and the lady cop who came over was nice, too. Just an unfortunate situation we have to deal with the best we can. We're just glad we got him his rabies shot a couple weeks ago.