Monday, June 29, 2009

An Update

A friend of mine told me she was disappointed that I hadn't updated my blog in a here we go...two blogs in one day! We almost didn't get to go on our trip to Washington. Joshua didn't get the time off approved at work. Then...a week before....he got laid off. Nice huh? It's a small company and they're just going downhill. So, since I had requested work off a long time before, and gotten it, we went on the trip. Now we're back to real life trying to figure out how to make some money! Joshua's going to come back to Applebee's (again haha) and hopefully we can make it through on that until he finds another job.

On to better (I guess) news...Mike is growing up! The other day, we walked into my parents' house, and he walked straight up to my dad and said, "Oh, hi Grandpa!" First of all, when did he start speaking in complete sentences, and second...that's his first time saying the word Grandpa! He surprises us with something new every day. He also loves baseball. He'll set a ball down on the ground, golf-swing at it with a bat, then when he taps it he throws the bat and runs off somewhere. haha! I guess he watches his dad play softball more than I thought he did!

Um...I can't think of anything more to that's all you get, for now!


We got home from our trip to Seattle over a week ago, but I never posted anything about it, so here we go...

We left Saturday morning, stayed that night in Pendleton, Oregon, and got to Grandmama and Papa's house Sunday evening. My mother in law's entire family (well, we were missing a few people...) was there to greet us. We stayed there for the week, making a few trips out and around.

Here we are (with Jefferson and Jordan) in the back of Grandmama and Papa's van:

This is the reason we went the week we did. The Mariner's organization was holding an open tryout. It was for guys ages 16-22, so both Justin and Jefferson got to try out. They both did pretty well! Especially Justin, who did really well (85 mph!) for only being 16. He's definitely going to have some scouts come out to his high school games over the next two years! In this picture you can see both of them on the mound. It's Jefferson's turn to show off his skills, and Justin (in the red) is warming up. Behind the fence you can see the two scouts.

Then, the last night we were there, we went back to that same field for a Raniers game. Here's one of the few minutes Mike sat nicely on Dad's lap:

It was a pretty fun trip. We're glad we were able to go, and see some family we don't see very often, but we're also glad to be home!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Hayley...again?

Well we gave Hayley away...again. Someone called, said they'd be over in a few minutes, came, loved her, and took her home. It was as quick as that. They have two other dogs, so she won't be lonely, and they know what they're doing. haha

Hopefully it sticks this time!

Friday, June 5, 2009


So much for a "good" home for Hayley.

I came home from work, and peeked outside to see where Dom was. Instead of a big black face in the window I saw a brown and white one. Um...Hi Hayley. So I called Joshua who's in Bountiful for is Hayley home???

The guy we gave her to last night was way excited to have her. She was a surprise for his wife and daughter who, supposedly, would be really excited to see her. He also mentioned that he was going out of town this morning until Sunday night. I thought that was kinda weird that he would surprise his wife with a dog, then leave for 3 days, but whatever...he probably knows his wife better than I do. WRONG. Apparently (while I was at work) right before Joshua left for softball, this lady appeared on our porch saying we had to take her back, or she was taking her to the pound. Of course Joshua was mad, but he took her back to save her from going to the pound again.

She didn't even bring her leash back.

Goodbye Hayley!

We had someone come pick up Hayley last night. It actually went really well. He was really excited to take her home as a surprise to his wife and 6 year old daughter. Apparently they used to have 2 dogs like her, who somehow chewed through a fence and escaped. They never found them, and have since moved from California to Utah, and have been wanting to get another dog. She will definitely be loved there and get a lot more attention than she did here. It'll be good for her, and us.

Dom, however, misses her. We brought him out in the front yard after she left and he started sniffing around where she last was. He gets more attention from us though. We let him in the house for the first time in a while. Now for training...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where are you??

Mike hates it when sun gets in his eyes. In fact, the first time I heard him put two words together on his own were the words, "ow! eyes!" On the mornings where we need to drive Dad to work, those are the worst. The sun shines in his window just right. So, instead of having a crying kid the whole drive, we taught him this little trick:

It usually turns into a game of peek-a-boo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What the???

Mike was taking a nap (whew!) so I decided to go clear out the flower beds in my front yard. Dead tulips and waist-high weeds aren't that pretty.

Then I hear Hayley whining. Ok, that's weird...then I look around the corner of the house:

I guess she figured out how to climb on top of the chicken coop/dog house and decided to peek her head over and say hi.

PS We're still trying to find a home for Hayley. Two dogs is just too much for me, I think. We decided we're going to try to keep Dom, get him some training and hopefully he'll turn into a good family dog. If you hear of anyone wanting to adopt a dog, let me know!

Mike's Snack

Mike asked for a snack, so I sat him on a bar stool and gave him a roll and a piece of cheese.

He made a sandwich out of it.

I thought it was cute, so I took a couple pictures with my phone.

He decided my pictures weren't good enough, so he took my phone, deleted my pictures, and took his own.