Friday, June 5, 2009


So much for a "good" home for Hayley.

I came home from work, and peeked outside to see where Dom was. Instead of a big black face in the window I saw a brown and white one. Um...Hi Hayley. So I called Joshua who's in Bountiful for is Hayley home???

The guy we gave her to last night was way excited to have her. She was a surprise for his wife and daughter who, supposedly, would be really excited to see her. He also mentioned that he was going out of town this morning until Sunday night. I thought that was kinda weird that he would surprise his wife with a dog, then leave for 3 days, but whatever...he probably knows his wife better than I do. WRONG. Apparently (while I was at work) right before Joshua left for softball, this lady appeared on our porch saying we had to take her back, or she was taking her to the pound. Of course Joshua was mad, but he took her back to save her from going to the pound again.

She didn't even bring her leash back.


Landon and Mary said...

UGH! i'm so sorry! how frustrating!!!

Janna said...

That sucks for you and for that wife!!

Adam tried to bring a dog home once and I made him take it back the next day, too.

Hopefully you'll find a GOOD home for her soon.

~AnnaMarie~ said...

Oh nice! That was nice of Joshua to take her back instead of letting her go to the pound though!