Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

By some miracle I got Memorial Day off work. (Wait, we're allowed to request off holidays?? Since when? I've only worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Valentine's day, AND Mother's big deal) So, we joined my grandparents, my parents, and three of my younger siblings on a trip up to Montpelier, Idaho (where my grandparents grew up) to visit a few cemeteries where some ancestors are buried, including my grandpa's parents and 3 of his siblings who didn't live to be adults. We also stopped to look at the houses where they used to live, and the locations of the old Burgoyne store. There's also a museum, where in the basement is a lot of stuff about the Burgoyne family.

Here's a picture of all the girls in my grandma's graduating class from Montpelier High School.
(Grandma is in the 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd from your right.)

My great-great-grandpa's cash register. It still works!

A picture of the original Burgoyne General Store

A quilt someone made based on the above picture.

Does the bear want to eat Mikey, or his cookie??

A sign in the restroom at one of the rest stops on the way...I thought it was funny that adults need reminding. Then I looked at the floor. The sign wasn't working.

My dad and my two younger sisters, Katrina and Cristal

Mikey looking at Bear Lake

Me, in the very back seat of the van.

My mom: driving teacher.

Katrina, who turns 16 in less than 2 weeks: driving student.

Tim: nephew entertainer.

Mikey: Toy Story Magnadoodler.

Joshua, loving the music I put on the iPod for him the night before.