Monday, June 29, 2009

An Update

A friend of mine told me she was disappointed that I hadn't updated my blog in a here we go...two blogs in one day! We almost didn't get to go on our trip to Washington. Joshua didn't get the time off approved at work. Then...a week before....he got laid off. Nice huh? It's a small company and they're just going downhill. So, since I had requested work off a long time before, and gotten it, we went on the trip. Now we're back to real life trying to figure out how to make some money! Joshua's going to come back to Applebee's (again haha) and hopefully we can make it through on that until he finds another job.

On to better (I guess) news...Mike is growing up! The other day, we walked into my parents' house, and he walked straight up to my dad and said, "Oh, hi Grandpa!" First of all, when did he start speaking in complete sentences, and second...that's his first time saying the word Grandpa! He surprises us with something new every day. He also loves baseball. He'll set a ball down on the ground, golf-swing at it with a bat, then when he taps it he throws the bat and runs off somewhere. haha! I guess he watches his dad play softball more than I thought he did!

Um...I can't think of anything more to that's all you get, for now!

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The Kellys said...

Geez its about time you updated ;) Im so sorry to hear of Joshua getting laid off. I know how that goes, its not fun. But im sure something bigger and better is in store for you guys! P.S.. Mike is getting so big! He's such a stud