Monday, June 29, 2009


We got home from our trip to Seattle over a week ago, but I never posted anything about it, so here we go...

We left Saturday morning, stayed that night in Pendleton, Oregon, and got to Grandmama and Papa's house Sunday evening. My mother in law's entire family (well, we were missing a few people...) was there to greet us. We stayed there for the week, making a few trips out and around.

Here we are (with Jefferson and Jordan) in the back of Grandmama and Papa's van:

This is the reason we went the week we did. The Mariner's organization was holding an open tryout. It was for guys ages 16-22, so both Justin and Jefferson got to try out. They both did pretty well! Especially Justin, who did really well (85 mph!) for only being 16. He's definitely going to have some scouts come out to his high school games over the next two years! In this picture you can see both of them on the mound. It's Jefferson's turn to show off his skills, and Justin (in the red) is warming up. Behind the fence you can see the two scouts.

Then, the last night we were there, we went back to that same field for a Raniers game. Here's one of the few minutes Mike sat nicely on Dad's lap:

It was a pretty fun trip. We're glad we were able to go, and see some family we don't see very often, but we're also glad to be home!

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Landon and Mary said...

looks like you had fun! i'm glad you had an enjoyable trip. sorry joshua got layed off...that really stinks. i hope everything works out for you guys!!!