Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone with dogs?

The two dogs have been getting along great, for the most part. This evening Dom has started playing a little too rough with Hayley. Probably because he was wanting to go to sleep, but didn't want her stealing any of his areas. So, for Hayley's safety, we separated them for the night. Dom is blocked into the family room, as usual, and Hayley is in a kennel in the front room. Now they're both barking. Are we going to get any sleep tonight?

(PS Hayley came with the name Haylee from the shelter. I changed the spelling to be like the lead singer, Hayley Williams, from the awesome band Paramore. They are coming to Utah with No Doubt, who is back together - obviously, in May. Hopefully I am going to that concert!)

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~Aimee~ said...

That's too funny! My SIL just got a second dog a couple months ago, and they named her Hayley after the same singer! ;-)