Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Ear Infection

Apparently Mikey has another ear infection.

When I got home from my first class today, at about 11:15, he seemed normal. After a little while I noticed he felt a little warm. Over the next couple hours he got a little warmer, so I checked his temperature. I got 100.8, so no big deal, I'll just keep watching him. We were just sitting on the couch, watching TV together (weird that he just wanted to snuggle with me) when he started crying. I got up to get him some children's motrin when he projectile vomited all over the kitchen floor. (Good thing I got up and went to the kitchen!) So...I called the doctor's office to see if I should bring him in. They said his doctor didn't have any openings today (surprise surprise, I really like his doctor, but apparently so does everyone else. We can never get in when he's sick so we get stuck with someone else) so they suggested taking him to the InstaCare across the street. His temperature had gone down by the time we got there. (I think his puking helped him feel a little better too.) That doctor didn't impress me. The first thing he said when he walked in was a comment that Mike was tugging on his ear. Everyone says that. Mike plays with his ear as a comfort object, usually when he's tired, so everyone always thinks he has an ear infection. He looked at his ears anyway and still decided on an ear infection so he prescribed some omnicef. Whatever. Now that we're home and he's had some motrin, antibiotics, a little pedialyte, and a couple teddy grahams, he's talking and playing again. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby or Little Boy?

My baby is quickly growing into a little boy, especially in the last few days. (He'll be 11 months tomorrow!) Here are some fun pictures.

Drinking his bottle standing up. He doesn't trust himself enough so he's barely touching the chair.

Playing on his piano.

Trying to drink from a sippy with a straw.

His new favorite hiding place.

Slowly sitting down when we try to get him to stand.

Making a mess in the kitchen, as usual.

Here he is running away before I can put a new diaper on and going straight to making messes. (Joshua thinks I'm weird for taking pictures, but I think his little bum is so cute!