Sunday, December 26, 2010

After 2 1/2 years...

I finally get pregnant...while we're living at my parents' house???

Of all the times for it to happen, why now? Not that I don't want it's just...strange.

That being said, we're super excited. Kinda hoping for a girl, then we'll have one of each. But it doesn't really matter. Healthy is all we care about.

I realize people are meaning well when they ask how I'm feeling, but I usually just say I'm fine even when I'm not. Isn't it kinda personal whether I'm puking my guts out or not? Even if I am, I'd like to pretend I'm not, thanks.

EDD: AUGUST 3, 2011. Check out the floating baby thingy on my side bar. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi, I'm a working Mom

In 45 minutes I can: take a shower, get dressed, throw hair in a ponytail and do enough makeup to look decent. I find my picky 3 year old something to eat: leftover penne from Applebee's ("but I said noodles NO chicken!"), a "baby orange", egg nog, and strawberry banana V8 fusion that he insisted on buying because it's in fun little cans. I still have time to set out church clothes for my child, find my own shoes and socks, AND blog about it. Just enough time left to pry a screaming child off my leg ("Nooo! Don't go to wooork!") once he realizes that I'm leaving, make it out to the car without slipping on the icy driveway, and drive to work where my day REALLY starts.

Oh wait...I forgot to get myself something to eat. *sigh*