Monday, November 26, 2007

6 Month Mikey

Mikey turned six yesterday! What a big boy!

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Here's a picture of him tonight. He's getting to be quite mobile, although he hasn't figured out how to crawl yet. He just rolls and wiggles his way around. Tonight I put him on the blanket, but he figured out how to get to my white shoes that were against the wall. Crazy Mike!

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He had his 6 month check up today. He's doing great! He weighs 16 lbs 8 oz and is 26.75 inches long. That's 30th percentile for weight an 61st for height. His head circumference is at 38%. He's shorter on the scale than he's ever been and at his highest in weight as well, so he appears fatter than ever! (He's still not considered fat by any means!)

The only bad part is we found out his diaper rash is actually a yeast infection. The doctor prescribed some ointment so it should go away soon. (Hopefully! Diaper changes are no fun right now!)

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CrisB said...

Oy! No kidding! When he was visiting yesterday that rash did NOT look fun. poor guy.