Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rock Band

As most people who know me know, Rock Band is my favorite video game. By far. There isn't much competition. My best instrument is lead guitar, second would be bass guitar. I'm not very good at singing and I'm horrible at drums. I definitely need to work on those, but I want to be amazing at guitar first. :) We like to go to Joshua's sister's house and rock out with them. Brayden is just as good as the rest of us, even though he's only 8. He's amazing.

We even get the babies involved:
(Mostly because they demand it, they hate that all our attention goes to something other than them.)

Mike loves the drums.

I've been playing this game since Thanksgiving, but I just barely got my first gold stars (getting somewhere around 150% of the points needed to get 5 stars) this week:

One of my highest note streaks:

Another pretty good score:
(I forgot to turn off the flash on this one, then Mike advanced the screen so I couldn't get another shot.)

This is what I look like when I'm playing at home:

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~*Jen*~ said...

I'd be afraid to play you on Rock Band...kicking my trash and all! LOL ;)