Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reason #1,327 why carpet in the dining room plus a 2 year old is a bad idea:

Mike: Mom! Eat!
Me: Okay, do you want a corn dog?
Mike: Okay! dah-dog!
I heat up a corn dog for him and set it on the table.
Mike: Dip!
Me: Do you want ketchup?
Mike: No! Dip!
Me: Do you want mustard?
Mike: No! Dip!
Me: Do you want ranch? (I think that sounds gross, but who knows what he wants!)
Mike: No! Dip!
Me: Okay, you get ketchup.
I squirt a little ketchup on his plate.
Mike: NO! DIP!
Corn dog in hand, he swats at the plate, sending ketchup flying to the carpet. I grab the corn dog from his hand, and carry screaming child to his bedroom.
Me: You can read books in your room for a minute.
Mike: NOOOOO!!!
I set him on his bed with some books and leave the room, shutting the door behind me.
Mike: No! Cha-chup! Cha-chup! Mommy! Cha-chup!
I leave him to cry in his room for a minute while I attempt to clean up the spot of ketchup on the carpet. Then I go back to his room.
Me: You decided you want ketchup?
Mike: Okay.
Back downstairs to the kitchen...I put him on a bar stool to eat his corn dog, with ketchup. He picks up the corn dog, and notices my lack of corn dog-heating skills since the corn bread promptly falls off the hot dog.
Mike: MOM! Help! Broken!
I try to put the corn bread back on.
Mike: Day-ku!
But when he goes to dip it, the corn bread falls off.
More screaming and yelling at me because I can't get a corn dog right. (LOL)
Out of patience and just trying to make this kid happy, I put another corn dog in the microwave, watching it closely this time and catching it before the corn bread splits all the way. I put the new corn dog on his plate.
Mike: Day-ku!
After a successful dip and bite, he decides he needs to go back to watching his movie upstairs. Whatever kid, so I get him down. Apparently he decided the corn dog needed to come with him, because as soon as I turned my back, he one-handed the plate off the counter. The corn dog rolled, making the plate unbalanced, and the whole thing toppled from his hand...sending more ketchup to the CARPET.

At least he says Thank You a lot, right?

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Marlana said...

Oh my goodness, I just read this, and that was HILARIOUS! Sorry about the carpet though ;) What a nice boy saying thank you! hehe!