Friday, September 18, 2009

Home alone all afternoon/evening...maybe I need to turn on some music or something...

So, I am packing up my house. (I don't want to, but I have to.) I started to take down all the pictures and things from the wall. (There wasn't much, I never got around to REALLY decorating. I was waiting for the money that never came.) I pulled down a plaque I got as a wedding present, and re-read it.

It says, "LOVE: always, forever, and no matter what"

Then I thought, "How many people ACTUALLY live like that?" We get married thinking that we'll always love someone, we'll be together forever. Yet, in the back of your mind, there's SOMETHING that could happen to break you apart.

Then I thought of the relationship I have with my husband. We don't really hide anything from each other, there isn't a need to. We both know that lies will just hurt even worse and the truth is always better.

I'm not saying my marriage is perfect, but maybe it's perfect for us. Honestly, I think I have it a lot better than most. husband called just to say hi.

I sure love him.


The Kellys said...

I love that saying. Great post, made me smile :)

Shirley said...

I agree that honesty is always best. A lie can never make anything better! My husband and I have a very honest relationship. It isn't always easy to hear (or to tell) the truth. The LORD didn't just put us together... He made us for each other. And we trust Him to help us to always be honest and loveing and COMMITTED..."No matter what".
I pray that God blesses your marriage even more than He already has. I pray also that He blesses your family in every other area of your lives.