Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a...

Ok, I'm a few days late...but whatever. I'd post an ultrasound picture, but the cd they gave us a) doesn't work on macs, and b) when I put it in a PC I still couldn't figure out how to get the pics OFF the cd. What's the point of the cd if we can't do anything with the pictures on it?
Honestly, we were both kinda hoping for a girl. But really, we're just happy to have a healthy baby. Everything looked perfect. Mikey is very cute...he makes sure he gives his baby brother a hug every day.
Name? The name we have picked out is....Patrick Aaron Rupe. It's not written in stone, but that's most likely what it'll be. He'll be named after two of his uncles.
I'm finally outgrowing my regular jeans, and breaking out the maternity shirts. I've finally gained 7 pounds. Whew. All that chocolate ice cream is working. ;) Thank goodness for the invention of the belly band, because I really don't have any money to go buy a bunch of new pants that I'll only wear for 4 months. Hopefully it continues to work as I get even bigger.

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