Thursday, February 23, 2006


The guy in the tux would be my husband Joshua. (Not Josh, it's Joshua) This is a picture of him with his three best friends. (Not counting his brothers) On the far left is David. He married Rose in September and adopted her cute little girl, Hallie, who always asks to go to "Joshua and Lori's house" and likes to give me hugs. Next to David is Kyle who is marrying Joyce in April. On the far right is Aaron who recently came home from his mission in Chigaco. He is currently single so if you know of a nice girl we can set him up with...Joshua loves hanging out with his three younger brothers and playing sports with them - playing on Xbox or really playing. He also loves to race, whether it's on his Xbox game Forza, at an indoor go-kart track, or entering his civic in a race. Currently Joshua works for a company called Porter Brown. He loves talking to people and has a talent for sales. Someday he would love to teach high school and coach the sports teams, especially baseball. Joshua served in the Canada Halifax mission and would love to take me there someday to see where he spent two years of his life. Posted by Picasa

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