Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hi, my name is Lori. My husband Joshua and I live in Bountiful in my grandparents' house while they are on a mission in Russia. People are always asking me how married life is and I always say, "Wonderful!" I love being married to my super awesome hubby. I work at Keva Juice in Bountiful - making smoothies all day. I now know how to make some pretty yummy smoothies, so if you have the right stuff and a blender, I'll make you one. :) I love playing my violin and wish I still took lessons or had a group to play with. I collect music files on my computer of all different types of music. My favorite sport is still soccer. Even though my husband has never played and his family doesn't have many good things to say about the sport. I still consider it the best. I like playing basketball with Joshua and his brothers and watching them play church ball. I love my friends, especially two of my best friends, (in the picture with me) Amber and Heidi Woodbury who I have known my entire life. (That's no exaggeration!) Amber has been on more than half of my soccer teams and we have always been in the same group of friends. Heidi was in the grade older than I was, but we became roommates when we both moved to Logan to go to Utah State. Unfortunately for her, I left her with a couple of roommates that hated us both. Luckily she is getting married in July and also gets to leave them forever. Posted by Picasa

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Hey ohyo! Do ya think i can get a couple pics from the reception? i'd like to have them on my compy.

Lil Red Bird