Monday, June 30, 2008

My kid is awesome

I just wanted to mention a few little things that Mike is doing now that I think is so cute. Every time he does any of these things I'm reminded how much I love him!
  • He loves the microphone from RockBand. He walks around the house "singing" into it.
  • He loves playing with cars. He has started making a "brrrrbrrrr" noise when he plays with them.
  • I love his little toddler walk.
  • His sign for "more" when he's hungry.
  • He's working on giving kisses.
  • When he's so excited to see me after school or work and gives me a big hug.
  • He thinks everything goes through his basketball hoop, not just balls.
  • He has started putting things in other things. Like toys in a basket, or stacking cups.
  • He LOVES Dr Pepper and freaks out if he sees a can and we're not sharing.
  • He likes throwing balls.
  • He loves giving his friend (stuffed dog) a hug, especially at nap or bed time.
  • He gives the best hugs.
  • He loves baths and swimming. He tries to climb in the shower with dad.
  • He likes to push his umbrella stroller around at Dad's softball games.
  • He seems to know exactly where one of his binkies is, even after I've searched for one.
  • He does a lot of "talking". He's really saying something, we just don't know what. If you ask him to repeat what he said, he will. It doesn't make any more sense the second time.
  • He loves making his uncle Tim laugh.
  • He "talks" on the phone all the time. He's even called me from Dad's phone while I was at work. We had a cute little conversation and Joshua knew nothing about it!
  • He loves his daddy!

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