Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Spam

Since I think my son is so cute, I'm going to post some pictures from the last few weeks. ;)
He LOVES yogurt.

He wants to jump up and take his diaper to the trash as soon as I get it off of him. I have to fight him just to wipe his bum so sometimes I'm too tired to get the new dipe on before he runs off with the old one.

He loves drinks. His uncles are a bad influence. ;)

I just think this picture is pretty darn cute.

We have some Dibs!

Riding in the wagon with Uncle Tim, but too busy asking for the camera to pose.

He got mad because I wouldn't give him the camera, so he turned around and cried against the coffee table. haha.

I still think he's cute, even if he is mad.

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CrisB said...

That boy's dang cute. DANG cute.