Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to be Obnoxious

Go to a restaurant during half-price appetizer times.
Tell the host you don't know how many people will be coming, maybe 6 or 7.
Try to cram 14-16 people in a 8-9 person booth...the one you insisted on sitting in.
Order $10 appetizer samplers, knowing you're only going to be paying $5 for them.
Make several modifications, each one a little different. (at least making them the same would be much simpler for the cooks to understand)
Drink lots of water.
Ask for lots of lemons, limes, and ranch dressing, and leave lots unused.
Leave, on average, 50 cents - a dollar per person for a tip.
Repeat every Tuesday night at 9 pm.


Amberly said...

You should just start refusing them!! :P

Loots said...

Yeah, but no one wants to be the mean one! They've just been doing it for so long...

Cleverly Triple said...

YUCK! how frustrating! i would be SOOOO mad.