Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go Deal Go

Joshua has a new job. Again.

It's a brand new company. I'm slightly nervous about it.

He turned down an offer for a manager position for Village Inn, because honestly, how many restaurant managers do you know who like their job?? In all my years in a restaurant...I can't think of a single one.

Nights, weekends, holidays off. I'm not sure I know what that's like. He's promising that I'll be able to quit my job soon (Don't tell my GM, Pam!) and have those hours off WITH him. (Weird, huh? What's it like to see your husband when he's not sleeping?) But who knows what "soon" will actually turn out to mean...2 months? 6 months? A year? I would love to be home in the evenings to make sure my son gets dinner (as opposed to snacks of poptarts, cookies, and donuts) and to actually put him to bed at a decent time (he was awake till 1 am last night).

This better work. My son needs me. (lol)

Believe it or not, you can help. Especially if you live in Davis County. If you don't, they'll be spreading to your area soon. First other areas in Utah, then across the country, so keep checking back.

Here's how you help. Go to GoDealGo.com. Put in your email address. They'll send you an email every day for the deal of the day. You get great deals, my husband makes money. Deal?

They did a trial week. We bought the vouchers sold two of those days. The first day: Tasty's Donuts in Kaysville. We paid $5 online, printed off a voucher worth $10, then took it to Tasty's for some yummy sandwiches and donuts.

Easy, right? Right now the plan is to officially launch on April 19th. You can go to the website and subscribe now, then you'll get a reminder email.

PS If you own a company and would like to be featured for a day on the website, Joshua is the guy to talk to. He knows a thousand details that I don't, so don't ask me any questions, save them all for him.


Amberly said...

I bought the one for Firehouse the other day! I haven't been getting e-mails though :( So, I have to check it everyday!

Loots said...

Probably because that was just a trial week. Hopefully your emails will start up again on the 19th.

Cleverly Triple said...

Good luck to joshua! i will definitely sign up....we're always looking for deals!