Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nie Nie's Ten Things

From CJane's blog.

I'm not saying her ideas are horrible. They're nice, for her. From what I remember from when Mikey was a new baby, I disagree with most of them. I'm a big believer on doing what works for YOU with a new baby. I don't follow a rule book. Listen to advice, and follow what you want. And this is MY blog, so I'm going to put in my comments. :)

10. Babies are babies- they are not little adults. Please don’t dress them as one. One example comes to mind: Babies who are under 6 months (at the very least) shouldn’t wear jeans. They still sleep very often and there is nothing more that I hate than sleeping in Jeans. Soft, cotton and cuddly are my 3 guidelines.

Mikey has always been my little man. I know that we had both basketball shorts and jeans in the size 0-3 months. If he would have appeared uncomfortable, believe me, I would have noticed and changed his clothes. Heck, he was wearing a polo shirt and (soft) jean shorts in the hospital before we even brought him home. We also rarely dressed him in cutesy bear print etc clothing. Most everything he dressed him in had a sports related picture or print.

9. I love my babies in soft, soothing colors. Nothing bright and distracting. You need all the peace you can get. Just like you want to paint your bedroom a color that calms and de-stresses you, babies should be dressed the same.

I don't remember every paying attention to the colors we dressed Mikey in. Just whatever we liked.

8. Breastfeed! (if possible, of course.) And, pretend you’re the baby. What would you like and enjoy? Chances are your baby will too (i.e.: sleeping, eating, held close, sung too and so on)

I did breastfeed, for 6 months, and loved it. I hope to do it again, hopefully longer, with any future children. Another reason why I want to be a stay at home mom in the future.

7. Wrap. Wrap babies tightly in a lightweight swaddling cloth. They seem happier and it helps the baby feel secure. But, be sure to know when babies need some time to be unwrapped to kick and coo.

Mikey hated being wrapped up. After leaving the hospital, we tried, but no matter how tight we wrapped him, he always figured out a way to wiggle his arms out. We gave up after a couple of days.

6. Ask your husband and other children to help. I asked my older children to help wash binkies, help lather lotion on baby after the tub and pick out babies clothes. They seem to enjoy that task because it helps them feel like a part of the excitement.

I didn't have any older children, but my husband definitely helped out, without me even asking him to. Mikey was his baby too, after all.

5.Sing. I have the worst voice in the world. My baby doesn’t care, and loves to hear me sing. Heck, if Cjane can sing and her babies like it, then so can I! Sometimes, I make up songs and tunes as I go. After baby is asleep you can tell your husband the awesome song you just made up and laugh your head off.

I don't sing. I do, occasionally, now when Mikey makes me sing the Spongebob Theme Song, but that's about it.

4. Buy a couple of nice button down shirts. They are easy to nurse in, and functional. But, be sure to buy flattering ones make you feel and look beautiful.

When I was nursing, I thought this was ridiculous, and still think it is for LDS women. I had to lift up my garment top anyway, so what was the point?

3. Rocking chair. A mother MUST have a rocker. It is a age old classic and natural soother. It helps baby settle down and it creates a bond that mother (and Dad) can have with baby.

I never had a rocking chair. Wish I did. Maybe next time. At the time, (and even now, for the most part) every piece of furniture we owned were hand me downs, and no one handed us down a rocking chair, so we went without.

2. Stay home. My favorite time is after my babies are born when I can just stay home enjoying cuddling, and nursing baby. I was never in a hurry and planned to run my errands when Christian was home. That way baby can nap when he wants and you are low stress. Plus, putting baby in and out of that darn car seat, asleep no less, is the worst.

We took Mikey everywhere. I hate staying at home ALL THE TIME. We took him to Applebee's to meet our coworkers when he was just 2 days old. I wasn't going to become a hermit just because I had a new baby. (Premature babies, I understand why you don't want to take them out, but Mikey was a healthy baby, and of course we weren't completely careless, so he was fine.)

1. Thank God for your sweet heaven-sent baby everyday!

This one, I can agree with 100%. :)

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~*Jen*~ said...

Yeah, the button down shirt one completely cracked me up! Seriously, I can adjust my normal shirt about 10 times quicker than I can button/unbutton a shirt, all the while trying to keep a squirmy baby from rolling out of your lap! LOL