Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bath time!

When Mike was teeny tiny he HATED baths.

 that he's learned how to splash...he LOVES them!

Here are a few more fun pictures:

Watching Uncle Tim's baseball game:


FeatherGirl ..... That's My Name!!! said...

Mikey is soooo cute!! Aiden loves bath time too!!

I can't believe how big he is getting!! And how cute his little cheeks are!!

~*Jen*~ said...

Already conditioning him to be a sports fan..........right on! ;) LOL

CrisB said...

He's a natural athlete! He looks good in shades too! ;)

Landon & Mary said...

he is so cute! i can't believe he's almost 1! are you getting emotional? i think i'll be a cry baby on brighton's birthday, just 'cause my baby's growing up! we need to get the kiddies together to play!