Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Mike had a fun first birthday hanging out with his cousins for all of Memorial Day weekend. (He decided to wait to celebrate his birthday with Mom's family until after Aunt Beth gets home from her mission in Sweden on Friday)

To make his birthday complete he suddenly decided he was completely done with bottles and formula (on to milk from the sippy) and he started walking more than a few steps. He still mostly crawls, but give him a week or two and he'll be walking for good. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Mike's birthday cake! (I ordered it from WalMart - It was yummy)

The little cake WalMart gives out for free for first birthdays.

Digging in

Messy and nap time!

Opening presents

Laptop from mom and dad

basketball hoop from the cousins

Push car from Leenie and Pop

Rock climbing at the rec center

Swimming at the rec center with Gabby. They both just stared for a good 5 minutes.

Some girl with a huge crush on Mikey

The cute little cousins (Kyler, Gabby, and Mikey)


Landon & Mary said...

he is SO adorable! i can't believe he's one already! yea mikey!

Heidi & Derek said...

Yeah! You have such an adorable boy! I love the pictures of him covered in cake! So cute!