Sunday, May 11, 2008

Elder Burgoyne reports to the MTC

We took my brother Aaron to the MTC on Wednesday, May 7th. He's going to the Germany Munich/Austria Mission and is very excited. We'll miss him, but we're very proud of him! Mikey won't remember him, he'll be three years old when Aaron gets home!

As we watched my family walking back to their 8 passenger van afterwards, we both thought of how strange it looked for my family to have only three kids. Well, for three weeks anyway.

My parents and siblings, except for Beth, who gets home from her mission in Sweden on May 30th.

Just the siblings.

Mom "pinning" on the badge.

My little family with the missionary.

A fun picture of my younger siblings.

My two brothers. Tim will definitely miss his big brother!

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Landon & Mary said...

aww! i can't believe how big all your little siblings are getting! last i saw them was when you came and picked up the puppy, that was a long time ago. I can't believe beth gets home this month! it's crazy how fast time goes!