Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Puppy

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but we got a puppy. We've been looking around for a few weeks, looking at animal shelters and on Thursday morning, I was looking on ksl to see if there were any new posts. I found one for a free 3 month old black lab/husky mix. Mike and I immediately called to make sure he was available, then drove down to Orem to pick him up. He is really cute, and Joshua and Mike really love him. He is a puppy, and puppies are work (for me) so I'm not enjoying him 100% yet, but when he's not trying to bite/play or peeing on my carpet, I like him. I think we finally settled on a name: Dominator. We'll call him Dom for short.

PS Mike really does know how to walk. ha ha I think it's party because the ground is so uneven, all the uneven ground has been covered in snow so he's not used to walking on it. Also, Joshua thinks he might be puposely falling down before the dog can knock him over. (He did within the first minute we saw him, but hasn't since.)


Heidi & Derek said...

What a cute BIG puppy! You are so lucky to have a house where you can have one. We have a backyard, but our landlord won't let us have any pets...besides our quiet little fishies.

Landon and Mary said...

aww how cute and fun! you're so lucky you have a yard and can get a dog. brighton loves dogs too, and i MIGHT get her a dog IF we had a yard. you're right though, they are a lot of work...maybe we'll wait until she's old enough to pick up the poopies...i'm not too fond of that. ;)