Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Chickens

Chicken #1 is a real chicken. It belongs to our next door neighbors. When we met them they asked if it had come over to our yard. We hadn't noticed it. It's winter, we're never in the backyard. Then we got chicken #2: our dog. Last night, I was trying to put the dog outside know. He used to resist, but the past couple of days he'll go out just fine. So I knew something was off when he got halfway outside, then froze. I looked around and saw a chicken standing there on our back patio. Nice. I didn't want to dog to hurt the chicken, or vice versa, so we let him stay inside while Joshua ran next door to tell the neighbors to come get their chicken.

While he was gone, I took these pictures:
Joshua came back only to say that the husband wasn't home, so we were to just let the dog out to chase the chicken away. we finally force the dog outside. Here's where Dom proves he's just a big chicken and isn't living up to his name, Dominator. He just backs away from the stupid bird. He finally starts barking at it, but it doesn't move. He gets closer and closer, but it doesn't care. He's too chicken to touch it. We finally let him inside for the night, needing to be tricky because the chicken wanted to come in too. This morning we thought it was gone, so we let Dom outside. Nope! He's back, and still here. I'm not sure why our back patio is so exciting...the bird keeps trying to walk in through the glass door. He even jumped off the dog kennel and tried to fly in. haha


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Oh my heck, I'm just loving the pics of Dom, he's so adorable!!! And funny about the chicken. Now watch, they're gonna become the best for friends. lol

The Kellys said...

Thats so funny, the pictures are way cute.