Monday, May 11, 2009

Anyone want a dog? (or two?)


We decided we're not ready for dogs. We (I) don't have the time or patience to train them properly, and I hate just having animals taking over our backyard. They would be great dogs, but it's my fault and they need a better home. We'll miss them...kind of.

We talked about it, made our decision, and then the next day when Joshua let them in the house so he could mow the lawn:
So, not only do they dig holes in the backyard, but they have now successfully dug a hole in my family room carpet. They're just making this easier.

I'll be posting ads on next week.

PS If anyone knows anyone who can give us a great deal on new flooring for the WHOLE house (minus nail polish, doggy diarrhea, and huge holes) please let me know.

PPS I'll also be turning off anonymous comments next week, so if you have anything nasty to say to me anonymously, get it out now.


Janna said...

Man, I can't believe the dogs did that to your carpet!! That sucks! I don't blame you for wanting to get rid of them. I figure children are enough responsibility for me!! I can't handle any animals. haha.

Landon and Mary said...

i'm so sorry! how incredibly frustrating! i wish i did know a carpet guy...sorry. i hope you find homes for them soon, it seems once you make that decision dogs sense it and get more destructive...that's how it was for us whenever we had to sell a family dog....the 'to fix' list always got longer in that time you have to wait to find them a home.

Anonymous said...

I have something to say, are you Mormon? I am not trying to be nasty or anything but I always thought you were but now I get the vibe you aren't. Just wondering.

Loots said...

Anonymous: Fair question. Technically, yes, although currently under the "less active" title.