Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing to blog about

I haven't blogged in over a week. Why? Nothing is going on! The most exciting things that have happened are my iPhone screen is shattered and my laptop keyboard doesn't work. All in the same weekend. Lessons learned: Don't give an almost-two-year old your iPhone, and don't let a 44 oz cup of Dr Pepper come within 100 feet of a laptop.

My laptop looks sad. Several keys kept sticking down, so they are now pulled off. I have a USB splitter plugged in so I can hook up a new keyboard (which only works when none of the old keys are stuck down) and a mouse. At least my laptop works. I can still use it, and everything is not lost like I feared. (iTunes, all our photos from the last year, No Doubt concert tickets...etc)

Mike is awesome. He still loves to cuddle. He still doesn't sleep in his own bed, but is sometimes ok with his Cars sleeping bag on the floor in Mom and Dad's room. He sings, "We're off to the puppet show!" Which sounds more like "uh uh puh-pee uh uh show!"

We still don't have homes for our dogs. We had someone who was supposed to come pick up Hayley last night, but never showed. We've had a couple of phone calls/texts about Dom, but are considering keeping him anyway. Maybe.

That's a long post for nothing going on. I think I'll go (**NERD alert**) level my troll hunter to a 27 now...LOL (PS That is my highest "toon"...I'm only trying to play that silly game for my husband!)

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