Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bombers

Thanks to Joyce for taking this awesome team picture! This is as "normal" as Joshua and his brothers get in pictures, so good job! Here they are from left to right: Marcus Martinez, Danny Reeves, Kent Rupe, Jordan Rupe, Jefferson Rupe, Kyle Jacox, Jeremy Martinez, Justin Rupe, Randy Burgoyne, and Joshua Rupe. (Not in the picture are Greg Maxwell and Daniel Bacciocco.)

This team was pretty fun this season because most of it was family. It was Joshua, his dad and three brothers, his brother in law Jeremy, Jeremy's brother Marcus, my dad, and my cousin's husband, Daniel. Then they added one of Joshua's best friends, Kyle, and a couple guys from the ward. They ended up doing pretty well and won more than half of their games. Good job Bombers!

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