Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mike and Holly

For the past few weeks, Mike has enjoyed having his girlfriend Holly come play a lot.

This is one of their favorite things. I took apart the jumperoo, because he's too big for it now, but they still like to sit in it, play with the toys, make it play music, and then dance to the music.

The next few pictures are my attempt at getting a cute picture of them together. Holly looks annoyed that Mike won't just sit next to her. haha.

This is my teething son who can't keep his hands out of his mouth.

Here's Holly. She's cute. :)

Mike has a really weird favorite snack: hot dog buns.

He also likes to wear an oven mitt. I have a strange kid.


The Kellys said...

Mike is so stinkin cute! His girlfriend is cute too :) I love the oven mit, made me laugh pretty hard.

~AnnaMarie~ said...

He is so cute! My friend brought her little girl over today for a sec (she's the same age as Mike) and she grabbed Jaxon and kissed him on the face! He just looked at her with this strange look on his face. Toddlers are so amusing.