Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Pam tagged me, so here we go!

The rules are this - you must take pictures of the following things, as is, no straightening up etc.

My Fridge:

My toilet:

My kitchen sink, complete with dirty dishes from yesterday:

My favorite room in the house. This one is hard because I don't like how ANY room in my house looks, so I'm posting a picture of the one I like to spend the most time in...my front room, on my couch. haha.

My closet looks terrible right now because my husband decided to dump all the clean laundry on the floor, so there's a lot of empty hangers, and I tried to keep the floor out of the picture. haha. Here's the left side: (it's a walk-through closet to the bathroom)

and the right side:

What my kid was doing at the moment I was taking the pictures. (They've since moved on to other activities.) Holly is coloring, but Mike is more interested in putting the crayons back in the box, his pocket, or his mouth.
I'm not sure what my dream vacation looks like at this moment, I'm obviously not there, (haha) but I'd love to take Mike to Disneyland!

And finally, a self-portrait. I look great today, I know.
Now I tag 5 people: Heidi Smith, Amber Anderson, Jen Soules, Mary Cleverly, and Brian and Jennifer Tebbs (my next door neighbors).

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