Monday, October 27, 2008

I am FOR Gay Marriage

This post is not meant to attack anyone, or to start a debate. No mean comments please! I've had some people ask me questions and I feel like I need to explain why my opinion is the way it is.

I know, as a member of the church, you're not supposed to be gay. I'm not. But what about other people out there? The non members. They're not allowed to do what they want? It's not hurting anyone...or is it? People are saying it is. I think the only reason it's hurting anyone is because they are letting it hurt themselves.

What is wrong with kids being taught in elementary school that Gay Marriage is acceptable? It is! Or it should be. Of course, a family with a mom and a dad is best. What about single parents? Are we going to make being a single parent illegal next? Isn't having two moms better than just having one and no dad? They already teach in schools that there are different types of families. Some have a mom and a dad, some have just a mom, or just a dad, and some kids live with grandparents, or aunts and uncles, and that's what they call their family. How is adding that some kids have two dads or two moms a problem? Kids need to learn that! It's out there. You can't keep them in your bubble forever. What happens when they meet someone like that? Are they going to make rude comments? Is that how you'd like to raise your child to treat someone?

I don't know this as a fact, but I'm pretty sure most (I'm not saying all, I know everyone's different) people who are gay can't change who they are attracted to. If you told me to start being attracted to women, I'd be disgusted. I can't. I feel bad for those women out there who are married to gay men trying to be straight so that they can be good LDS church members, or just be an accepted part of society. Their own husband isn't physically attracted to them. That's sad. It's also sad that I have friends who can't feel comfortable holding hands with the one they love in public because they'll get strange looks and comments.

In fifty years we're all going to look back and say I can't believe we treated blacks...I mean that.

Note: I'm not trying to change anyone else's opinion. Please don't try to change mine.


Brandie said...

You have taken words right out of my Mouth!!!!
Although im not LDS, and cant see that side of things..I can see how Gays are treated about who they love...and i believe they should have the right to love and marry anyone they want!!

Landon and Mary said...

i'm not going to say anything negative or rude. everyone is entitled to their opinion. i agree in free agency. so if people feel they are gay and would like to marry that's their decision. i don't believe in discrimination because of their decision or who they are. i don't agree with gay marriage though, and that's my right, there's nothing wrong with that. and i feel like same-sex attraction is not a part of heavenly father's plan. you're right, everyone is entitled to their opinion and has a right to express it. i hope this didn't hurt your feelings but i too feel like everyone has a right to their opinion. this comment was not meant rudely or to hurt anyone's feelings. it's just an opinion.

Monae Curtis said...

Hey Lori! I am in MoMoz, just in case you don't know who I am.

I just want to say go you!!! I 100% agree with you. My best friend is gay and I can't imagine having to stand in front of him and tell him that he can't have the same rights that I am entitled to, because I am straight and he is gay. We were given free agency for a reason. Love one another... he who is without sin, cast the first stone... Who am I to judge these people, I am told to love them. It is between them and the Lord.

Thank you for speaking out on this. It has been bothering me SOOO much!!

Scott and Christine Wells said...

FABULOUS!!! thank you!!! it's about time someone opened their mouth... i tend to just avoid the headache. go you. seriously :)