Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Hair

Joshua and I both decided to get hair cuts today. His is his normal cut, nothing special, so no pictures. ha ha Mine is kinda short and fun. Oh, and I got bangs. We'll see how I end up liking them. Not sure about the color. The blonde stuff sticking out. It's just leftover from the last time I got my hair done which long ago Jess? Five or six months ago? Yeah, it's been a while. So, I still need to fix the color, but it's better than the blah, outgrown hair I had before.


Landon and Mary said...

cute!!! i always have a love-hate relationship with bangs...they look so darn cute but i always have to tug at them. seeing you with bangs makes me want some again...hmm.

Adam And Jessica said...

your hair is way cute. just let me know when your ready for you color. but fun hair cut.

Cristal said...

Lookin' good, sis!