Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yay Beth!

My sister Beth just called me. She's engaged!

For those of you who have met me in the last couple of years, you probably don't know her, so let me explain. She's 15 months older than me, so we did a lot together growing up. That's why everyone who knew me in high school or before, probably knew her too. Two years ago she left on an LDS mission to Sweden, where she was for 18 months. She came home at the end of May, when she met her only nephew (Mikey) who had just turned one. She got back into the swing of things, going back to Weber State this fall, and living back at home with our parents. Her boyfriend of almost 3 years, David Dille, also went on a mission, to Arizona. He came home just two weeks ago. They wrote to each other their whole missions (he was gone for 2 years) and were still very much in love when they were finally reunited. We were all expecting this day to come, we just didn't know when.

So, back to tonight. I was about to put Mike to bed, again, when my phone rang. I thought "who the heck is calling me at midnight?" I grabbed my phone, which told me it was Beth calling. She was probably the last person I would expect to be calling me at midnight on a week night. My first thought was that she was stranded somewhere and needed a ride, but my parents weren't answering the phone because they were asleep. (Could happen, right?) Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Hello?"
Beth: "Hi! Sorry for calling you so late."
Me: "That's okay - "
Before I could say anything else she said: "Guess what?"
I was halfway through saying "What?" When I realized her tone of voice sounded very happy and excited and I knew exactly why she was calling me, so it came out something like this: "Wha-oooohhhh! yaaaaay! yaaaay!" I think it went on for about 20 seconds of excited noises, but you get the idea. Of course Joshua looked up from whatever he was doing, so I told him, "It's Beth!" and he knew exactly what was going on.

Anyway, after an 11 minute phone call, ended by Mike being an over-tired toddler, I hope she gets how excited I am for the two of them. Now, it's time to plan a wedding!

Oh, and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm announcing it to everyone I know.


The Kellys said...

sooooo awesome!!! beth is a sweetheart! i'm so excited for her!

Joe and Raylene said...

YAY!! How exciting for Beth! You will have to tell her congrats for me!!

Landon and Mary said...

WOO HOO!!! I am SOOOOO excited for her!!! YEAH! :D

Heidi & Derek said...

Tell her congrats!!!

Brent and Sarah said...

Yay! I remember when they started dating at Weber! Such a fun cute couple!