Monday, November 24, 2008

I Didn't Realize

When someone is leaving the Bountiful Applebee's, there's a tradition. At the end of the night, everyone who's there (and not busy) will grab a can of whipped cream and cover the quitter in white. Last night was my last night in Bountiful. It doesn't matter that I'm transferring to Tooele, I'm leaving all my friends in Bountiful behind. I was expecting the whipped cream, and I got it. Since it was a slow Sunday night, and they were low on whipped cream, I only got one can. One person, Nicole. (She was the only server on at the time.) Then I turn around to see something I wasn't expecting. Kendra, the most awesome manager ever, was holding two dozen roses. I should have been the one giving her the roses. That wasn't the first nice thing she'd done for me, probably the 5th or 6th even that night.

She's not the only one though. Nicole gave me a funny card, Lisa and Katie said they'll come visit me, and Pam...her way of saying she'll miss me isn't as nice as the others, but I know it's there and appreciate it. Pretty much everyone has wished me luck or told me they'll miss me, but two dozen roses? That means a lot to me.

For almost two and a half years at least one of us (me and Joshua) have worked there. If one of us wasn't currently working there, the other one was, so we were in to visit all the time. Now we're both gone. I'm not ever the center of attention, or even the "fun" person to be around, so I didn't really realize how much everyone (or at least one person) was going to miss me when I left. Managers who really do care about you make your life (or at least your job) so much easier! Even small things like keeping the office stocked with candy. That's a big deal to me. ;)


Landon and Mary said...

awww. that's so neat. even though we never hung out and we only went to applebees twice while you and joshua worked there, i will miss having you in the bountiful area! just knowing you won't be as close is sad. i am so excited for you though to be getting a house! that is so awesome! congrats! and good luck moving! let me know if you guys need help.

Adam And Jessica said...

I didnt get flowers but thats ok. Hey i am so sad you left i know i not there but at least we left around the same time. i hope we keep in touch you are one of my good friends from good old applebee's i cant believe that i was going on 3 year oh my hell thats a long time. any ways congrats on your house that great you are going to love it. -Jess