Saturday, November 8, 2008

When Mom's Not Home

When I'm at work or locking myself in the bedroom to listen to my online classes at bedtime, Joshua is obviously the one to put Mike to bed. Well, he's been difficult to put to bed lately, and Joshua doesn't really try very hard so Mike usually ends up crashing wherever. Like on the couch in a weird position. It's much easier to put him to bed that way. ;)

I didn't even know Joshua took these pictures until I was emptying the memory card in our camera so Joshua has plenty of room to take pictures of our new house today. He's going out for the inspection, but I have to work so it's all on him to take pictures. If he remembers, I'll be posting those later tonight or tomorrow!

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Landon and Mary said...

awww!!! he is so adorable! it looks so uncomfortable, but kids seem to fall asleep in random positions all the time, so it must not be too bad. do you still want family pictures? if so let me know when would be best for you so I can schedule a day for you. ;)