Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just two days away from a weekend of minimal responsibility!


You have no idea how ready I am for a vacation. Even just a weekend one because we can't afford to take more time off work. (More in the job security department than the money department, even though that is also an issue.) Last May, Mike's birthday weekend and Memorial day weekend, we took a "stay-cation" and spent the weekend at Nicolette's house. Before that, for my birthday (January 2008), we (along with Nicolette and Jeremy) spent one night in Wendover....aaaand...that's the extent of our vacationing since July 2007 when we went to Oregon and Washington for two family reunions. It is now April 2009!

Between jobs and school (on a side note, I am happy to report that I passed my Flash class last month, so THERE!) it's hard to take time off. Even a few days off puts us behind. We finally just took the plunge and I requested this weekend off at work. That's three days of work I'm missing, three days of pay. OH WELL. Thank goodness for tax returns, right?

We have flights to Vegas booked. We're not wasting a second of our time on driving. The 9 pm flights are considerably cheaper, and we have to wait for Joshua to get off work anyway, so that's when we're leaving Friday night and returning Sunday night. A room, for two nights, at the Luxor is also booked. My parents are ready and excited for their favorite (and only) grandson to spend the weekend with them. My brother in law Jefferson is ready and excited to take care of our dogs for us. Those are the important things, taken care of. Beyond that, we don't really have any plans yet. It'll be nice to just get away, knowing that Mike (and the dogs) are ok, and just do whatever we want to do. Nowhere we need to be, nothing we should be doing (not a single diaper needing to be changed!), and the weather being in the 70's instead of the 30's. ha ha.

Sure, I'll miss Mike, but it will be nice to have two nights of sleeping straight through the night. :)


Mike and Kira said...

I haven't been on vacation in forever either! I need one desperately! Have fun in Vegas! Jealous!

Landon and Mary said...

i ditto what kira said...JELOUS! :) so excited for you! thoroughly enjoy yourself!!!

~*Jen*~ said...

I've been DYING to go to Vegas again, especially since we went last March. I know at this point I'd kill myself if I went because I don't know how to make my preggo body stop doing stuff until I collapse! Have fun! :D