Thursday, April 30, 2009


Around lunch time, Mike grabbed my hand and dragged me into the kitchen.
I asked him, "Are you hungry?"
He answered, "Yes. Eat."
Not having any other ideas for lunch, I asked him, "Do you want peanut butter and jelly?"
Then he grabbed the handle of the door to the fridge and pulled. Nothing happened, so I helped him. He grabbed the jelly and handed it to me, but before I could close the door he grabbed the ranch dressing. "Dit!" (Mike language for "Dip") Okay, whatever kid. I set the jelly on the counter and tried to take the ranch from him and put it back in the fridge door. He hung on tight. "No! Dit!" So I let him hold it. Then I got out the peanut butter and a slice of bread. I made him a sandwich, cutting it in half for him. I put it on a plate and set it on the table. Then he handed me the ranch. "Dit!" Okay, okay, fine...I squirt a little ranch onto his plate, then was finally allowed to put it away. He climbed up onto his chair, and devoured the whole sandwich, dipping it in ranch before, and saying, "mmm!" after each bite.

I don't remember if he's ever eaten every bite of a sandwich before.

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Landon and Mary said...

ewww! the things kids will eat! he sounds like a good eater though, which is great....brighton on the other hand only had 3 things in her diet, sigh.