Monday, April 6, 2009

A Weekend in Vegas

We had a pretty relaxing weekend in Vegas. Now a whole lot of excitement, just a lot of sleeping, eating, and hanging out with each other.

We flew in Friday night after dropping Mike off at my parents' house. He was playing cars with Aunt Cristal when we left, and was happy to say goodbye then go back to playing. ha ha Saturday morning we slept in, then slowly made our way to the buffet in the Luxor. Brunch was still going on, and it was really good!

Then we signed up for a tour of a new resort being built down the street. We spent a few hours of our afternoon there, with sales people trying really hard to get us to buy a timeshare. Joshua wanted to do it, but I had to be the mean one and say NO LET US LEAVE!! ha ha It was worth it though. We got two free tickets to a show for that night, $75 off of dinner, and $50 for the poker tables. Here we are waiting for the shuttle to take us to the tour.

We had been wanting to go to a nice steak dinner and we thought that the $75 would cover a good chunk of it...boy were we wrong! Our bill was $150! We were glad we only had to pay for half of it, and a $35 tip for the great server, of course. The food was amazing. Totally worth the money.

Joshua's 20 oz Ribeye, fries, and custom dipping sauces.
My 8 oz Fillet Mignon and amazing mashed potatoes. I also got a cesear salad, with real anchovies. It was actually pretty good!

I don't have a picture, but Joshua took that $50 to a black jack table. As soon as that "fake" money was gone, we left the table and walked with $100, after less than 10 minutes!

Sunday we finally got to walk around the strip before catching our flight home, and take a break at the Oxygen bar. It looks funny, but it actually felt pretty good!


Landon and Mary said...

looks like you had a blast! i'm so glad you guys got a vacation together, just the two of you. you totally deserved it. now i want one really bad. lol.

Mike and Kira said...

This made me want to run away to Vegas! Looks like fun!