Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sleepy Boy

It was about 12:30 pm, his "normal" nap time. His sleeping schedule hasn't been "normal" for a couple of weeks. So this is "weird".

We have had a lazy morning, just laying around, watching Madagascar 2, and snacking on things like leftover quesadillas and guacamole. We had finally gotten around to taking a shower together. (I know exactly where he is, and I don't have to give him a bath. Two birds, one stone.) I had promised him we'd take a dog for a walk after we took a shower. He's always getting the leashes out and saying "Hay-ee? Dah? Puppy?" In fact he had done it this morning, but I wasn't going anywhere before I had my shower. After the shower, he asked for his bink, then went upstairs. I noticed it had been quiet for a few minutes, so I went to check on him...I found him asleep, on the floor, by my closet. There WAS a pillow and blanket there (among other a pair of shoes and a pillow case) and I guess it looked like a good place for a nap!

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Janna said...

That's so sweet!!